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Monday, September 7, 2020 7:54 AM
Prayer For: a special lady and myself

There are 3 prayer requests that I have. The first is for a financial miracle. The second is for a healing of tinnitus of my right ear. The last request concerns a special lady back in my life after many years, someone I have known nearly my whole life. Recently we have been back in conversation with each other. Just to clarify, I want to state what I am not praying for. I am not praying that God would perform some kind of mind control on her to make her have the same feelings for me that I have for her. That would be an extremely selfish prayer, be completely unfair to her, and this would mean I am requiring that God contradict Himself by requesting Him to go against the gift of free will that He has given her. What I really am asking for is this. That she always has had feelings for me, but unfortunately those feelings that she once consciously had have now been buried back into her subconscious, and that God would activate those feelings back into her daily stream of consciousness. God metaphysically speaks to us through answers to prayer, events, experiences, and I ask, hope, and pray that God helps her understand the truth that not only am I a good man but even more importantly that I am a good man for her. It is built into my male genetic code to protect, honor, and respect ladies. And I will protect her, I will keep her safe, I even made a promise to never let anything ever happen to her. And I don't make promises. Thank you very much for reading my prayer request. Miracles and blessings.
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