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Prayer for my finances family & country.
Sunday, October 22, 2017 3:47 PM
Prayer For: All of the above.

To all my prayer warriors/'AMEN' brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus on this website: Please say a healing miracle prayer for my sister Deidre who's still battling Lung cancer. Pray god gives her renewed life, restored health and he protects her, the rest of our family members and myself from any further sickness, danger and harm; danger seen and unseen. Also say the same prayer fora Mrs. Rose Millard and Mrs. Grace Mills. Two (2) good Christian women I've come to know who are battling terminal illnesses of their own and please ask The Good Lord to help us find our baby brother Clifton and his family whom we haven't seen in over two years and was last known to reside in Orlando FL during the recent hurricanes so please pray we find them. My brethren in Christ Jesus, please pray for the following: -Pray God defuses the crisis situations in the world's hot spots in particular with Iran and North Korea where they're developing nuclear capabilities to destabilize the world. Pray he desolates and destroys them and brings about peace to these troubled regions. -Pray for the victims of the most recent hurricanes, earthquakes and shootings like in Las Vegas. Pray God heals, comforts, nurtures and relieves them of their suffering with his divine love. -Pray god grants President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence with the strength, wisdom and knowledge to render good governance, stewardship and good decision-making leadership to their respective offices and to ensure they'll place good, sound-minded, moral stewards of government around them to help them as well as protect them and this great nation of ours. -And finally please pray God protects me from my creditors while I reconcile with my creditors and and my landlord, release the money blessings he already granted me to at least pay back due rent, take care of an indebtedness court and federal legal matter in my favor and resolves the remaining money issues I have. :All of this we'll ask in his Holy precious name, 'AMEN!" P.S.: PLEASE MY BRETHREN IN CHRIST JESUS, PASS THIS ALONG ACROSS THE USA AND AROUND THE WORLD TO OUR BRAVE SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN IN CHRIST. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS VERY IMPORTANT PRAYER TOGETHER WITH ME. BE BLESSED FOR THE REST OF 2017 AND PLEASE REMEMBER THE ABOVE ITEMS PLUS THE NATION OF ISRAEL, THE SUDANESE ENSLAVEMENT, THE HAITIAN DESTITUTE'S AND THE IRANIAN AND NORTH KOREAN POPULATIONS IMPRISONED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS IN YOUR PRAYERS TONIGHT AND BEYOND. 'DO THIS IN ACCORDANCE WITH I THESSALONIANS 5:17!" 'AMEN!"
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